*Due to threats of litigation from so called "Music Licensing agencies"  We are not
booking cover bands at this time.  Only original artists who play their own original
music.  We are considering having a fund raiser of some sort to pay them off so they
will go away, but that only furthers their cause.  Please stay tuned as we ponder
doing the right thing, or giving in.  These legalized extortion agencies want far more
money than we pay ANY band, and far more money than we can make having bands.  
It is sad, and frustrating.  Let it be known that we are ALL in favor of musicians being
paid for their work, but extorting money from tiny businesses that the creator of
whatever song that is performed will NEVER see in the name of copyright
infringement is just plain wrong....... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Friday June 5th
Lucas Minor Band

Friday June 12th
Jake Stringer

Saturday June 16th
Jake Worthington

Friday June 19th
Lloyd McCarter

Friday July 17th
Casper McWade

Saturday July 25th
Jeremy McComb

Sunday August 2nd
Bart Crow

Sunday September 6th
Creed Fisher
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